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Designed for rapid operator payback, Securaplane's main ship battery chargers significantly reduce battery and charger maintenance while eliminating the guess work of identifying and solving battery/charger problems. Our battery chargers are capable of charging various battery chemistries including NiCad, lead-acid and lithium. Our new, innovative battery chargers use advanced DC to DC conversion technology, patented charging algorithms, comprehensive diagnostics and fault isolation. The latest application of Securaplane's battery charger is for charging and managing the Boeing 787 main ship lithium battery used for APU start and electrical system support.

Old technology chargers typically gauge the charge time based solely according to the cell voltage. This has led to either over-charging or under-charging the battery, with resulting water loss and increased maintenance. Securaplane has developed a method for accurately detecting the inflection point which has eluded battery experts for years and is critical in reducing an overcharge condition. This patented method of charging ensures that the battery receives the optimum amount of charge for all temperature conditions combined with various battery states of charge.

Securaplane battery chargers store every fault including battery over-temperature, cell unbalance, defective temperature sensors, defective charger/battery connection and GMT time/date of fault period. Our chargers possess extensive diagnostics such as charger microprocessor status and permanent memory of faults with readout to the integrated 8-character alphanumeric display.


Battery charger

BC-1300 series battery charger Lithium battery charger unit



Securaplane has vast experience developing DC to AC power conversion and our latest inverter design, the start power unit (SPU), is used for starting the APU on the Boeing 787. Utilizing the latest inverter technologies such as power MOSFETs/IGBTs and planar magnetics, the SPU achieves seven times the power density of a traditional DC to AC inverter while still using conventional cooling techniques. Fault protection on our inverters includes over/under frequency, over/under output voltage, over/under input voltage, input time delay, remote fault indication and over temperature. Securaplane's power conversion products achieve industry leading MTBF levels, power quality, electromagnetic compatibility and lightning rejection which are necessary to support more electric and composite fuselage development trends in commercial aviation.


Power converter

Start power unit AC to AC variable frequency adapter

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