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Securaplane sealed lead acid main ship batteries have technology that beats NiCad, lead-calcium and lead antimony in every category of performance, ultimately saving operators thousands of dollars annually. We routinely displace other OEM installed batteries with our batteries. Because of the superior performance of our battery, this often occurs even before the installed battery has reached end of life. Securaplane is the master distributor and design and certification authority for EnerSys Hawker brand batteries for commercial and business aviation.

In addition to main ship batteries, Securaplane manufacturers and supports emergency battery products.   Our emergency batteries are designed for long life, high reliability and convenience. They include features such as built in battery chargers, built in battery capacity test, and thermal control.  There is no need to remove them from the aircraft to check capacity.

Today, we have over 12,000 emergency batteries in service on various aircraft platforms.

The Hawker battery technology was developed during the 1980s for military aviation applications. The military required a robust battery with high performance, low maintenance, and long life. It was further refined and perfected in the 1990s and this rugged design operated successfully in harsh military environments. The Hawker battery plates are made of 99.9 percent pure lead. The Hawker monoblocs contain thin lead plates that are sandwiched between thin glass-fiber separators, which prevent the plates from shorting. The plates are extremely thin, (approximately 0.7mm thick versus 2-to-4mm in other batteries), allowing for more plates per cell, which significantly lowers the battery's internal impedance. The increased plate area of Hawker batteries results in significantly greater power density.


Emergency battery

SLA main ship batteries

SLA emergency battery SLA main ship batteries



Securaplane is the industry leader in developing lithium-ion batteries for aerospace applications across multiple platforms. We have 6 different lithium-ion battery systems under contract and more than 20 years of experience with integrated battery systems. New lithium-ion based battery systems and technology are continually in development and Securaplane's lithium-ion solution has been adopted by several OEMs as their primary source of power on their aircraft.

The commercial aerospace market is pushing towards longer range and lighter weight on aircraft platforms. Securaplane's lithium-ion solution directly addresses the demand with approximately 50% reduction in weight over similarly rated NiCad or lead acid systems, providing enhanced fuel consumption, improved range and increased payload for the customer.


The Securaplane battery uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which is inherently safer than other lithium chemistries and more tolerant to excessive ambient temperature, voltage surge and shock/crush conditions. Securaplane's lithium batteries have an integrated battery charger for individual cell balancing which provides improved power management and longer battery life. The lithium ion battery has a dedicated battery management unit (BMU) to provide fault detection, safety, diagnostics, state of health (SOH), state of charge (SOC) and communication capabilities via industry standard ARINC 429 to the aircraft health management


Lithium main ship battery

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