Camera systems

External cameras

Securaplane has over 2000 camera units installed and flying in aircraft ranging from executive fleets to commercial air transport operated by the world's largest airlines. These airborne video camera systems are used for such applications as ground maneuvering during taxi operations, in-flight entertainment for passengers, cabin and external security, military aircraft refueling monitoring and flight crew observation of aircraft control surfaces.

With innovative designs and reputation for building quality products, Securaplane is a major force in the airborne video imaging world. We have more installation experience and variety of aviation cameras flying than any other manufacturer. Aircraft include Airbus A320 series/A310/A330/A340/A380, nearly all Boeing commercial aircraft models in production, McDonnell-Douglas legacy aircraft such as the DC-9/MD-80, DC-10/MD-11, all Gulfstream models, Falcon 50/900/2000/7x, Bombardier Global and Challenger series, Cessna Citation series and many others.

We developed our first camera system as an enhancement to an aircraft electronic security system. This initial system consisted of a nose-gear installed, ruggedized monochrome camera unit utilized as a security surveillance and ground taxi aid.


We offer a low profile aerodynamic external camera system for in-flight entertainment, safety, and security applications. With this suite, Securaplane rapidly became the leading supplier of airborne video cameras for the business jet community. Derivatives of this camera suite have been used for cockpit and cabin monitoring, flight inspection, airborne refueling monitoring and other applications.

Securaplane participates in the commercial airborne video camera market by being a qualified Boeing supplier on the 777-300/300ER with the ground maneuvering camera system (GMCS) and entertainment camera system (ECS).

Cockpit door surveillance system

After the events of 9/11 Securaplane rapidly developed a passenger security camera system. The CMS-01 was a small, monochrome camera unit with an integrated near-IR illuminator for zero lux operation. By the end of October 2001 Securaplane had the first such system installed and flying on Delta Airlines. Although it was a flight test exercise, the entire system was fully FAA certified and the STC was issued. Working with Delta, Securaplane was able to refine the design and performance of the unit and developed an optimized design for the airline industry which was easiest to install and had the highest reliability at that time.

Using the CMS-01 as a foundation, Securaplane developed the most advanced Cockpit door surveillance system (CDSS) in the market today. The CDSS ensures that individuals seeking entry into the cockpit are authorized and not under duress which requires the ability to not only see the individual requesting entry but also to clearly identify that person. The distinction is important because if the system components are not chosen carefully, the ability to properly and consistently identify entrants in all cabin conditions (light, dark, movement, etc.) is compromised.

The CDSS consists of three cameras feeding a central processing unit that, in turn, feeds video to the cockpit displays or can drive up to three monitors. Depending on camera field of view and customer mounting location, additional cameras may be installed to provide sufficient situational awareness for the pilots. In order to be flexible to meet all customer security needs, Securaplane's controller allows for up to six cameras which can be processed simultaneously.

The camera has demonstrated performance from 0.1 Lux up to 150Lux using an auto-iris to compensate over the full light-intensity range. To achieve the low light performance, Securaplane cameras have integral infra-red (IR) illumination. In addition, the system performs image processing of the raw video to further enhance low-light performance. Output video interfaces to the cockpit displays and is provided in both analog and digital formats.

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