Energy storage

Securaplane is pioneering low-weight, high density lithium battery technology. With exclusive state-of-health, state-of-charge battery monitoring, these low-weight, high-density alternatives to NiCad and lead acid batteries can be charged safely and reliably, setting new standards in performance while reducing overall aircraft weight.

Securaplane also promotes performance with its traditional pure lead acid battery technology. Save thousands of dollars annually with sealed lead acid mainship and backup batteries. This pure lead technology beats NiCad, lead-calcium and lead antimony in every category of performance. Securaplane is the primary distributor, design and certification authority for EnerSys Hawker batteries for commercial and business aviation in the USA.

Power conversion

The Securaplane power product line encompasses battery chargers, inverters and cyclo-converters. Securaplane Technologies is firmly established in the business of design, certification and manufacture of aviation power solutions. Securaplane is a recognized industry leader in the area of aerospace electronics. Through its longstanding experience in main ship batteries, emergency batteries, battery chargers, inverters, converters, controllers and wireless devices, Securaplane has developed extensive experience in design, test, certification and build of commercial aviation power electronics.

Camera systems

Our video camera systems are on nearly every corporate and VIP aircraft as well as several air transport platforms. We cover everything from in-flight entertainment to safety and security. Our designs are clean and aerodynamic; LRU's are lightweight and low-profile; optics and imagers are state-of-the-art; ARINC 628 compliant; STC'd and DO-160 qualified. Our products have gone on to demonstrate maximum reliability in the field and we are now offering the latest in high definition.

Security systems

Securaplane is advancing aircraft ground security. Our security systems are the most recommended and installed by aircraft builders, operators and service centers internationally. Securaplane has been providing business jet aircraft security systems for over 20 years and our customers have installed over 1100 systems around the world. We provide global coverage using the international GSM mobile network, providing real-time alerts, interrogation and monitoring from any telephone. Securaplane's security systems provide significant false alarm immunity through a patented method of range-controlled radar detection, our latest systems feature our easy-to-install and highly reliable wheel well sensor, the RCR-01. This rugged, environmentally-sealed replacement for passive infrared sensors significantly reduces false alarms.


Explore how Securaplane's wireless intranet communications for critical systems such as smoke detection and emergency lighting meet the challenges of cost, compatibility and above all, reliability. Flying on over 1500 aircraft, our RF control and communication units, with long-life and self-contained rechargeable lithium batteries, command and control multiple devices and interface with cockpit display systems. Our design concept, which can provide wireless solutions for many applications, is heavily influenced by lessons learned from our wireless and battery technology experience.

Securaplane innovation

Lithium batteries – Double the energy density with half the weight.

Lithium-ion cells with fully integrated electronics for enhanced charging, safety and reliability.

Wingtip cameras –
Safe ground maneuvering to ensure dispatch reliability and prevention of costly impacts.

Cameras placed on wingtip for collision avoidance ("hangar-rash") and situational awareness during ground operations for the crew's benefit.

High definition cameras –
Next generation entertainment and situational awareness.

External 1080p HD cameras in flush mount packages for installation throughout the airframe to provide passengers and cabin crew a variety of vantage points.

Next generation battery chargers –
Enhancing an industry leading product.

Incorporating the latest power electronics technology to improve power quality (total harmonic distortion – THD), output level, efficiency, weight to size ratio and reliability, our latest battery charger meets all the industry requirements of the newest regional aircraft fleet.

Customer support

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